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Pathology Services

Rashad Diagnostic centre offers world-class and latest pathology services, Our latest technology pathology service helps patients to detect diesase as treatement totally depends on pathology test results. Patients well-being is of the utmost importance to us thus we provide patholgy service relivant and fast. We use this knowledge to diagnose & subsequently treat patient's ailment. Preventive healthcare is our primary concern and by keeping advanced medical equipment in our pathology laboratories has allowed us to save many lives. Our well trained staffs and team of doctors are experienced enough to dealing with dangerous diseases in the lab.


Hematology is the science or study of blood, blood-forming organs and blood diseases. In the medical field, hematology includes the treatment of blood disorders and malignancies, including types of hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma and sickle-cell anemia.


Histopathology is the study of tissues, cells and usually includes morbid anatomy (autopsies). Many refer to this specialty as Cellular Pathology. Because of the autopsies histopathologists are the doctors the general public think of as pathologists.


Cytopathology is a diagnostic technique that examines cells from various body sites to determine the cause or the nature of disease. The first test developed was the Pap test which has been widely utilized for screening and diagnosing of cervical cancer.


An Immunoassay is a test that relies on biochemistry to measure the presence and/or concentration of an analyte. The analyte can be large proteins, antibodies that a person has produced as a result of an infection or small molecules.

Radiology and Other Services

Other than pathology services Rashad Diagnostics deals with Radoilogy, OPD. Our comprehensive imaging services and OPD services are best known in the city. The staff of our Imaging Services department is devoted to make their medical imaging experience as comfortable as possible. We do our best to ensure that patient doesn't feel rushed into or out of our facility. Ultrasound and ECG services are additional services we provide.

OPD Services

The OPD Services that we offer caters to varied facilities like consultations, diagnostic services, health checks, treatment facilities and Help desk at the entrance.


Ultrasound service is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes to create visual images of internal anatomical structures.


Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) is the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on the skin.


With our advance X-Ray machines, we are ready to service your most urgent injuries. From broken bones to compound fractures, Rashad Diagnostics can help.